Custom Works

Whether you're trying to find the perfect way to display your art, or if you're just looking to add some original art to your personal space, we're experienced craftspeople that bring ideas into the real world. 

Here at Artist Operation we recognize that we are truly fortunate to have the space, tools, and skills to make ideas spring to fruition. Collectively, ArtOp has over 70 years of experience welding, casting, carving, sewing, and generally crafting projects of every shape and size. 

We don't believe in the project that's 'too big' or 'too complicated'. No matter what you're trying to make, ArtOp will take the care needed to ensure that every detail is in place. Our fabrications take into account size, moving parts, location, aesthetic, and any other points of consideration that your project requires.

We are fully capable of building from a set of pre-existing plans, but can also offer design services for any projects that are still in the conceptual phase. Always feel free to contact us for a quote or to set up a meeting to talk about your upcoming project. 


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