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Rory Beerits


Rory Beerits have been creating sculpture, jewelry, and custom metalwork since childhood. He furthered his practice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston under Joyce McDaniels and others. Working as a fabricator, preparator, and conservation technician, Rory balances his aesthetic sensibility with technical skills. He hopes, through his work at Artist Operation, to turn his passion for creativity, education, and supporting other artists into a commercial enterprise.

Rory's naturalistic style using industrial found-objects is an outgrowth of his bi-coastal upbringing in L.A. and rural Maine. As a keen observer of animal anatomy and behavior, Rory creates expressive creatures out of inanimate objects. In his imagination, any seemingly mundane thing could become another; scythes into wings, colanders into scales, wrenches into pincers. He credits Joyce McDaniels with teaching him to focus on elegant composition to infuse materials with life. 

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TT Svoronos



TT Svoronos is a multidisciplinary artist who is fascinated by the human experience. She delights in the ordinary, simple, day-to-day aspects of life; inspired by the subtle changes in both her internal and external landscape. She employs a range of methods to engage with the senses of her audience, striving to evoke specific moods and experiences; both in her act of creation and in the final product.


The artist’s work celebrates resourcefulness, creativity, compassion, and joy; investigating what it is to be human. She explores her inner dichotomies -resistance and acceptance, fear and fascination, serene and strange- through live performance, video, interactive sculpture and illustration.

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Dennis Svoronos’ work is a practice of exploration and investigation with the tools and vocabulary of a 21st century world steeped in information and technology. His subjects of examination, however, are ancient by comparison: our body, our selves and our culture.


Fascinated by our modern notion of self and identity, as it has arisen through, and been defined by ‘selfies’, smartphones and live streams, many of Svoronos’ sculptures examine and expose the flaws in veracity of the tools we use to construct these notions. He has turned the technology against itself, by creating feedback, distortion and misperceptions solely through placement and position, exploring why our trust in them might be ill placed.


Deriving inspiration from his own diagnosis of brain cancer, the body, with its uniqueness and its frailties, has also become a point of departure for much of Svoronos’ work. He creates wearable sculptures that monitor and analyze the artist’s brainwaves to produce images, music and animations linked to his current state of mind. Others works engage with the viewer’s pulse, exposing it’s pace and rhythm through the loud striking of a large chime. His work is also working with what many consider the very essence of our bodies and our selves; Svoronos collected, preserved and is displaying samples of DNA from multiple Boston based artists in a sculpture meant as a genealogical ark celebrating our creative culture into the future.


In this body of work, Dennis Svoronos is stitching together elements of humor and horror, data and drama, insights and instincts to reflect our complex contemporary relationship to ourselves.



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